Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Caroll Released

Heard this morning on NPR that Jill Carroll was freed in Iraq. That's a good thing, naturally. It makes me very happy.

One thing that struck me though was her whole speal on how well she was treated.

"I was kept in a good good, small, safe place, a safe room. Nice furniture. They gave me clothing. Plenty of food. I was allowed to take showers and go to the bathroom when I wanted. Never hit me. Never even threatened to hit me".
No, but they did threaten to kill you. Several times.

I have to wonder, though, when hostages get released if they don't speak very carefully to perhaps protect others that are still in captivity. I hope that's the reason the emphasis seems to be on her good treatment.

But let's keep in mind that they killed her interpreter right in front of her and held her, a non-combatant -- captive for three months as a pawn in a life or death (hers) game of international ransom.

Lest anyone have any illusions that these are nice people.

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