Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And who didn't expect this?

Via Reihl World View:

Iranian Offer Not A Serious One
Despite early reports of some hope for progress with Iran on their nuclear program, it's now obvious no progress has been made at all. The offer amounts to the UN stopping any talk of sanctions and, in return, Iran would consider a two month halt to the program.

In the closed-door meetings Iran "had a long list [of conditions] including [a] complete and total halt in activity at the UN Security Council, an absolute stepping down from going for sanctions and that Iran would have the right to nuclear fuel technology on its soil," a Western diplomat said on Monday.

"In return for this, Larijani said the Iranians would consider -- consider, not actually carry out -- a two-month halt in enrichment. It was all very conditional," the diplomat said, in relating a briefing from Solana.
Anyone who did not assume this was coming was delusional.

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