Thursday, September 21, 2006

Voter ID

Another word to be wary of is "disenfranchise" -- which is basically a weasel word meaning "these people can't be expected to be responsible".

Photo voter ID cards will "disenfranchise" voters who don't have photo ids. Because Lord knows, just because you're responsible enough to vote doesn't mean that you can be expected to go through the effort, to say, go get a voter ID card. I'll bet if the same people had to get down to WalMart or a free medical clinic, they could find a way to get there. If someone were giving away money, they'd get innovative. But for something as unimportant as, you know, proving that you have a right to vote (you're a citizen and all) before you vote... well, geez. That'd just put me off, I'll tell you. I mean, who do they think they are, trying to make sure our government is chosen by actual American Citizens?

No, the main leaders of the "disenfranchise" charge are the politicians who like to promise people who don't have much -- more of what others do have -- for no other reason than the fact that they can, and then go around picking them up to make sure they get to the polls (because they can't actually be responsible for arranging that trip to begin with on such an important day).

Pelosi-crats are worried that people who think government is the responsibility of others and is there to serve them will be less likely to go out and vote if they have to put forth any significant effort to do so. Then only people who think it's important to vote will get out and ... vote. Which could be disasterous for Pelosi-crats -- especially since they've gone out of their way to paint themselves as sympathetic to illegal immigrants who won't have to show an ID either if the law doesn't pass.

They like to paint themselves as Robin Hoods, but they're really vote prostitutes.

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