Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's reccomended reading

As I am too busy to write much lately and others seem to be saying things at least as well as I could, probably better -- today's reccomended reading comes from Mary Laney at the Chicago Sun Times.

Peaceful Muslims Should Turn Their Anger Toward Islamofacists


Something's wrong. As I thumb through the pages of newspapers and magazines and flip through newscasts on radio and television, it seems that something is terribly wrong.

While the overwhelming majority of Muslims in America are peaceful citizens, their voices are not ringing out.

you noticed, too?

We've just passed the anniversary of the worst attack on America in history, 9/11, when Muslim terrorists killed nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children as they turned passenger planes into missiles. Yet the news is filled with stories of Muslims -- not loudly condemning the Muslim murderers -- but complaining of their treatment here and demanding Americans change their attitudes.

We Americans should change our attitudes? Terrorist cells have been discovered here. Plots to blow up bridges and the Sears Tower have been uncovered. Bomb-making supplies carried by Muslim terrorists have been stopped at our borders. A plot to bomb 10 airliners bound for the United States was foiled. Yet we Americans should change our attitudes?

America has opened its doors and universities to Muslims from foreign countries -- perhaps the best way for these students to see our freedoms and develop a new respect for our country. But where, I ask, is the returned show of support?

Why should they show their support? Their religion says we are swine and dogs -- and that we live at their discretion. If we submit to Islam (admit it is superior to whatever we believe, if we will not believe and convert) and pay the jizya -- we can live. Why would they feel compelled to show support for swine? We are beneath them. Really. That is what they believe, despite the semi-official taqiyya lip-service to the contrary.

I'm hoping this whole blowup over the Pope's words (more accurately, the Pope's quoting a Byzantine Emporer's words of 600 years ago) will at the very least finally wake up those who are on the left but not the far left (I've given up hope on them, their ability to reason went out the window long ago) and those in the middle sympathetic to the left -- to the fact that Islam is most demonstrably not a religion of peace.

  • Kick a Koran? Fire bombings, death threats, shootings, riots.
  • Draw an illustration of Muhammed? Fire bombings, death threats, stabbings, riots.
  • Point out that Islam is violent? Fire bombings, death threats, shooting a 77 year old nun in the back, riots.

Folks ... wake up. Please!

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