Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All The Fuss

I cobbled this together out of three pictures. The inspiration came from an ad I saw earlier featuring a polar bear with an Uncle Sam hat basically saying "I want you to save the planet" with a link to a carbon tax site.

One of the more irksome claims of the global warmingists is that somehow polar bears would not survive the melting of arctic ice. Even if that were to happen again (it has happened before, and we still have polar bears) ... polar bears are basically white grizzlies. They're a sub-species. They don't "depend" on ice floes. If they can't find food one place, they'll look for it somewhere else, like any other bear. The polar bears don't need saving. They'll be just fine whether the earth warms or not.

Of course, another irksome global warmingist belief is that all climate change is bad.

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