Monday, April 21, 2008


I know I'm late to the game on this.

But it keeps coming up, and I'm getting more and more bugged by it.

Reading the stories in the press would lead you to believe that conservative Democrats and other "small-town" America voters are upset that Obama called them "bitter", as if "bitter" were the offending word and they're being petty about it.

Well, I resemble that remark. I grew up in small-town America, and I have small-town/rural American values. And if all cultures are valid in a Multi-Cultural Utopia, then mine is, too.

And I got news for the press. Yeah, I'm bitter, but not about being called "bitter".

Yes, the "cling" remarks about guns and religion were condecending and dismissive (dismissive being the primary progressive "argument" tactic) -- but they are only indicative of what we're really bitter about.

We're bitter about multi-culturalism and it's insistance on multi-lingualism. We're bitter about being called idiots for believing in God or even valuing Christian-based culture. We're bitter about being called "gun nuts" for believing in taking responsibility for our at least our own self-preservation and even that of our friends and neighbors. We're bitter about nanny statism with its inherent condecension and emaciation of human dignity, not to mention Liberty.

We're bitter about being looked down upon for wanting to preserve our culture of independence and responsibility. We're bitter about being painted as bigots when most of us are not. And we're bitter that we are seen as ignorant fools for not voting "in our interests". That's right, we're bitter about the very presumption that we don't know best where our interests lie.

Barak Obama says that he knows what blue collar voters he's having trouble attracting are going through. The truth is, he thinks he does, but he doesn't have a clue. Even if he does have a clue about what financial struggle is like, he is apparently completely out of touch with real American priorities. He can't imagine that culture, faith, self-reliance, and Liberty could possibly be more important than financial security.

Which sums up the progressive game. We'll take care of you, and you behave the way we think you should. They do an end-around of the church and state question by replacing all of our churches with the state -- and if we don't like it well we obviously belong in mental institutions.

What's there to be bitter about?

Update: Mark Steyn concurrs.

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