Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Pig

(for those of you familiar with Charlotte's Web)

What is unique about Obama is his Brilliance™ & Authenticity™! He's Incandescent™! Why, he's got Audacity™! He brings us Hope™! He's a New and Improved™ candidate! He's Different™! He'll bring Change™! Not only Change™, but Change We Can Believe In™! As if all that other stuff wasn't enough!

OMG! Im 7o7411y v07ing 4 him!


Other than all of the glowing adjectives and gushing hyperbole, I haven't heard much of substance from the man that could be meaningfully distinguished from your everyday Socialist speal. It's just very prettily worded.

Here's a challenge for Obama supporters. Describe why you like him using mainly nouns and verbs. Specific ones, not just "change" and "hope". Change to what? Hope for what? And how will he cause these things to come about? What will he do?

The other reason so many young people seem to like him reminds me of this story... While eating in an Ethiopian restaurant one day with my older step-son and a former daughter-in-law of mine (thankfully, "ex" goes in front of her title now) -- talking about our waiter -- announced to the table in a serious, hushed tone:

"We need to be sure and tip him really good, because he's gay."

I shit you not. True story.

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