Tuesday, October 07, 2008

CNN Focus Group Says Biden Won

Well, even if it did (it may have, as there may be a few people on the panel we can't see on the screen) it certainly was nothing like the way Soledad O'Brien characterized it.

"If you think Joe Biden won the debate, raise your hand... ok, that looks overwhelming."

"If you think Sarah Palin won the debate, raise your hands... so, small handful ... Joe Biden wins by a significant margin there, ... so, let's talk about..."
Sarah Palin mentioned in the debate how she has to speak through the filter of the mainstream media. I'm sure a lot of people pooh-poohed that line as a typical unsubstantiated right-wing talking point. Really?

Now I paused and went through it several times. What I found was, 14 for Joe Biden, 14 for Sarah Palin. Even if we're missing a few people, "overwhelming" and "small handful" and "Joe Biden wins by a significant number" does not describe what happened in the room. But she either saw what she wanted to see, or she didn't bother to look because she knew what she wanted the answer to be.

This is Joe Biden's count on the left, Sarah Palin's on the right (no, I didn't do that on purpose... but how appropriate, eh?) Click on the pictures for larger versions.

Watch the video for yourself.

Hat tip to Morgan on this.

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