Friday, October 03, 2008


This was a comment I left over at Morgan's place, but I thought it deserved a spot all it's own here.

This is a very simplistic tactic the Dems are taking with their "McSame", "4 More Years of the Same" campaign.

Basically, they want to say “Bush is bad. So anything Bush does is wrong. Therefore anyone who agrees with Bush is just as bad. McCain agreed with Bush a lot. Ergo, McCain is bad.”

This way they get to do a couple of things. They get to not talk, specifically, about which issues they believe Bush was wrong about. They get to avoid issues altogether. The issue is Bush. That’s their argument.

It conveniently sweeps under the rug the fact that Bush’s low popularity numbers have just as much to do with his lack of followthrough on many conservative principles as it does with pissing off the left by refusing to back down from them and their adopted allies in the Middle East. The left believes that Bush’s low approval ratings means all those people are in agreement with them on their issues. It couldn’t be further from the truth. It also conveniently sweeps under the rug that in the major cases where McCain disagreed with Bush — it was more often than not on the side of left’s issues. There are even issues wherein McCain agreed with Bush, such as on the illegal immigrant thing ... that he came down on the Left's side of the border.

The second thing they get to do is — now they get to run against Bush, who isn’t running, instead of McCain/Palin — who would be much more difficult to defeat.

I liked the way Palin brought up, a couple of times, that for a campaign running on “Hope” for the “Future” … they spend an awful lot of time pointing back at the Bush administration.

This is what the Republicans really need to start doing. Call the press and the rest of the left on their bullshit. And not subltly, either.

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