Sunday, October 12, 2008

Question about the so-called "Bradley Effect"

Has anybody asked if the so-called "Bradley Effect" might not be so much to do with whites not wanting to appear biased toward the white candidate, but to blacks not wanting to admit that they're voting for the white guy?

I mean, I can't see too many whites giving two whits about the skin tone of someone I voted for. But it appears to me that if you're black and you're not voting for the black candidate ... you're some sort of sell-out, Uncle Tom, traitor to your race.

Just askin'. I always hear it portrayed as a phenomenon having to do with whites. Has the flip side of that question even been asked?

I'm guessing not. Because the conventional PC wisdom seems to be that only whites can be racist.

Update: RCP has this article out today by a Lance Terrance, Jr.

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