Monday, October 19, 2009


Remember back when G W Bush was President, and we kept hearing how Divisive™ he was?

Oddly, it seems the country is at least as divided now as it was before, but now that Obama is president, it's somehow not his fault. Obama is not "Divisive™".

Now Rush Limbaugh, he's Divisive™.

Glenn Beck? Divisive™.

Keith Olbermann? Not Divisive™.

Rachel Maddow? Not Divisive™.

Chris Matthews? Not Divisive™.

Sarah Palin? Divisive™.

George W. Bush? Divisive™.

Barack H. Obama? Not Divisive™.

I think I'm sensing a pattern here. I see how this works. I now know what the Newspeak Definition is.

Divisive™: (adj) 1. expressing or defending position which opposes progressive philosophy.

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