Thursday, October 22, 2009

Race Baiting™

I noted that Mr. Johnson's tsk-tsk list I talked about in the previous post is his response to the fact that he was exposed as pushing the fake quotes that have been widely circulating.  I further note that he doesn't claim that all the quotes are racist, but that they were either racist or "Race Baiting™"

Now I am just as sure that race baiting exists as I am that racism exists, and may I add that racists of all colors engage in it.

But I am just as certain that the progressive definition of "racist" has expanded to the point where it has little meaning other than, "he who disagrees with me and is white", and hence the ™ ... they've hijacked the word.  It's theirs now, and they get to define it.  (Well, according to them.  Really, it's because we let them.)

"Race Baiting™" is a further obfuscation designed to provide cover for those who don't want to have to even consider going through the pretzel logic of explaining why something that isn't racist is Racist™.

Basically, Race Bating™ now means any reference by a white conservative to anything that can possibly be remotely connected by any thread of logic, no matter how thin or twisted ... to something that isn't of "white culture" or "whiteness".   Makes things pretty easy for them.  And in a pinch, they'll even use it on white liberal opponents.  Ask the Clintons.

But it only works because we let it work.

Remember, these charges are thrown about by people who use "logic" like this not only with a straight face, but they're actually proud of it:
"Although black persons comprise a majority of the city's registered voters, in three of the past four general municipal elections, African Americans comprised a minority of the electorate on election day; in the fourth , they may have been a slight majority. For that reason, they are viewed as a minority for analytical purposes." -- Loretta King Acting Assistant Attorney General 
I'm all for post-racial. But as long as we keep seeing grotesque rationalizations like this.... we're not there.

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