Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just So You Know...

Things get quieter here around Christmas Time, and for good reason.

Keeping Christmas is something we take seriously in our household.  When you walk in to our house at Christmas Time, there is no mistaking what time of year it is.  Not gaudy.  But let's just say well decorated and not in a tacky way.

There are things to wrap, traditional recipes to make, family coming in... less time for blogging.

Not saying there will be NO blogging ... just that something's gonna have to hit me but good to stop what I'm doing and post.

I assume the senate passage is a done deal.  Just hope the House hates it and squabbles over it.  Or better yet, trashes it completely.  But I' trying to be realistic here.

Apparently the special election to replace Ted Kennedy is next month.  And it's not any sort of certainty that the Democrat will win.

I sure hope America is pissed enough.

Mean time, there will be much merry making with friends and family.

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tim said...

Have a nice Christmas Philmon.