Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I heard from a friend that Amtrack Joe was warning this morning about "health care" being kicked back a generation if it "doesn't pass in this congress".  I snapped.
If Health Care™ doesn't pass in this congress, little baby kittens will die horriffic deaths over and over again (9 times each) in front of your chillllllllldren, and civilization as we know it will collapse back to a bunch of redneck racist greedy fat cats who won't spread the wealth around.

And if no treaty is signed in Copenhagen, and Cap & Trade isn't passed, Polar Bears will fall out of the sky on Manhattan as the rising sea water floods up to the 27th floor of the Empire State Building!  (Not to mention vastly increasing the volume of Al Gore's heated swimming pool.)

So do it now Now NOW!!!! No time to read it!!!!! No time for questions!!!! NOW!!!! Before it's tooooooo LAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!  and those gun-totin', moose-killin' NASCAR fans vote a dam' 'publican administration 'r somethin' leaving us smart people on the sidelines!!!!!

Always remain skeptical when someone is trying to sell you something and they pressure you to buy it NOW!!!

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