Monday, December 21, 2009

To My Senators

McCaskill and Bond (yes, I did send it to them).  I don't think Bond will vote for the bill.  It is a given that McCaskill, Pelosi's lap dog, will.

NO. Health Care provision is not a proper role for government.

61% of America is against this health care bill. 50% would prefer you do nothing.

But Democrats plan to do it anyway. They campaign saying they're going to Washington to represent us. And end up spending money from our state to buy votes from other states just to get a bill to the floor.

Why, again, am I going to be paying for Nebraska's Medicare indefinitely? So Democrats can vote again and force me to pay everyone else's? Nebraska has been promised money from me, not a voter in that state, to pay for medicare in that state, all so that Nelson would get on board with the bill.

You may call that business as usual on Capitol Hill. We little people call it stinking corruption and far from the Founders' vision - so far that they would not recognize it as theirs. But they would recognize what had happened. And they would not be happy.

Claire, I suppose you know you're out next time you're up for election. I also suppose you don't care, as I'm sure you've been assured you'll be "taken care of".

Well there are lots and lots of us who do care, and Democrats' tin ear to us will not be forgotten. I suppose you feel that you are doing something great and will be able to bask in the glory of "getting something done". What you are getting done is likely the final nail in the coffin of the Great American Experiment, and send us down the path of the Great Soviet Experiment and all the others like it failing all over the world.

No. NO no no no no. No no, no no no no. Did I mention No????

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Anonymous said...

Right on Philmon! The left has begun an assault on free enterprise and hard work. Just vote for your own "Robinhood" and sit back and relax. I have a business of my own and I am wondering if it is worth all the hard work and risk I have expended and endured for the last 15 years. Where is the pay off for me? I must be a real sucker.

These guys take our taxes and the future of our kids and tell us what hoops we must jump through to get a chance of getting it back.

BAH!! They have to go.