Monday, March 08, 2010

Obama: The Time for Debate is Over™

The Time for Debate is Over™ on Health Care.

Hmmm.... where have I heard that before?

It's, "Here's my plan.  We're going to have a set amount of time to allow the opposition to argue against it, and then we're going to pass my plan and pretend we had a debate."

"Because, you know, it's all about Democracy™ and the Will of the People™.   So we're gonna pass it using parliamentary hijinx over the will of the people, so that they can be free from the constraints of Liberty.  Because they really want it.  They're just too stupid to know they want it.  So we will pass what we know is their will against their will so that they can have their will.  They won't know it's their will.  But it is.  We went to Harvard.  We're just smart that way.  We really are."


tim said...

Yup, pretty much sums it up (the effing basterds).

Cylar said...

I was listening to Rush pontificate about this on his Friday show. He was saying that Pelosi's office apparently has this plan to "deem" the Senate version of the healthcare bill already-passed. Without a floor vote, mind you.

Then, the House will just tweak it a little and pass that. Rush went on to describe the slippery slope that we can expect if politicians are allowed to start "deeming" things. Like, he said, are we next going to "deem" Obama re-elected in 2012?

I shouted at the radio, "Someone needs to tell these politicians that we do not rule by decree in this country." That isn't how it works.

Deem, my ass. Can we "deem" Granny Botox ejected from the Speaker's chair and sent back to the bowels of San Francisco?