Saturday, March 13, 2010


Science is about using what we know to speculate about what we don't know, and coming up with theories. Then taking those theories and subjecting them to scrutiny by experimentation to figure out if we were right or wrong about those speculations.

That, in a nutshell, is what science is all about.

Why do I suddenly feel like Linus VanPelt?

If you didn't do those things, you didn't do "Science".

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Cylar said...

No, Phil...that's what science used to be.

Today, it's not a tool at, but rather a weapon. A weapon with which to club everyone who doesn't go along with some predefined political agenda, be it on manmade global warming, the theory of evolution, or (in the softer sciences like "political science"), socialism and its brother communism.

Oh? You disagree with our findings? Well, then you're wrong because the "science is settled" and you can't argue with that. Didn't Phil Jones say that he wasn't releasing the results of his studies just so that someone else "could find something wrong with them?"

If that statement right there doesn't underscore the complete and total lack of seriousness and intellectual integrity in "science" today, I don't know what does.