Monday, August 16, 2010

Nah, How about no more Kennedys for a while?

Heard this morning that there is talk of Victoria Kennedy running for her late husband's, "Ted Kennedy's seat."

As the Tea Partiers reminded us, it is not any person or family's seat.  It is the people's seat. 

How about no more Carnahans for a while, too?  Or Clintons.  Or Bushs.

Saw a Robin Carnahan ad this morning ... or more accurately an anti- Roy Blunt ad.  It points out that Blunt voted for Wall Street deregulation many years back, and that he voted for the bailouts.

I don't have a big problem when someone votes for less government, though I'm not saying there should be no regulation of anything.  In general I'm good with less. But this is why I voted for Chuck Perguson in the primary. 

And is Robin saying that she would have voted against the bailouts?  Ha!  Obama voted for the bailouts.

Roy Blunt's anti-Carnahan ad is simple and will probably win out in the end.  When Obama came here to campaign for her, he said "I need another vote!"   And that if he had Robin Carnahan, he'd have that vote.

Sorry Big O.  I think your support is poison this fall.  But by all means, campaign away.

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reg said...

these political families in the great republic are a great big question mark.310 000 000 people and the same few dozen family names keep coming up.