Friday, August 27, 2010

Off to DC!

... for the Restoring Honor Rally.  This should be fun.  Too bad the wife can't go with me, but my noggin will be out there bobbin' in the crowd. Our local 9/12 leader ... just an average dude but an energetic and passionate one -- put together a bus like ... 6 weeks ago that filled up in about 2 weeks.  He kept getting calls, and opened another bus.  It filled.   Then he opened a thrid.  It filled.

Last Thursday night he opened another at 7:30pm.  It filled in 2 hours.

Probably could've filled more -- but as it is, we have ~200 people heading out of Columbia to DC this afternoon.

I should be able to blog from the road.  Not from the event itself, and I wouldn't even if I could.  But there will be pictures and words forthcoming.


tim said...

I’m totally jealous, it should be a GREAT time.

Hey, if you wann’a go to the 9/12 dinner tonight I can get ya’ in. Just let me know, it’s really not a problem. She brought it up, I didn’t ask so…take advantage, Philmon.

I can do all the coordinating on my end, just come back to me and your in. I’ll give ya’ all the info. you need-names, cell #’s etc. I still have your e-mail so I’ll use that.

Seriously, it’s no biggie.

Either way, have a good time.

tim said...

Sorry "she" being my sis.

philmon said...

Turned out I didn't have internet access the whole time.

It was something to remember, though, and I think we got people's attention. Again. As in last 9/12 was no fluke.

tim said...

I figured something like that happened, glad you had a good time.