Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ok, Turning Moderation Off Again

Blogger says it has a comment spam filter again.  So I will see how well this goes.  I really hate having moderation turned on, as it makes it more of a PITA to comment and I don't like having to "approve" comments.  I've had no A-holes around here so far, only the Chinese spammers.

Looks like Blogger is able to detect them.  Let's see what happens with moderation off.

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philmon said...

Ok, well you can't turn moderation COMPLETELY off and still filter spam.

One got through and the comments tab I saw last night was gone. A google search revealed why.

What you CAN apparently do is turn it on for posts older than n days and then the filtering works. I've turned it on for posts older than 2 weeks for now. Let's see how that goes.