Thursday, March 08, 2012


It is clear the MSM does not understand Breitbart.   Even when it is explained directly to them.  They don't know what they're up against. Someone holds a mirror up to them and they say "so, a mirror!?" They don't even see themselves.  It's just a piece of shiny glass to them.

One thing you should keep in mind before viewing the tape, because it makes the panel's coordinated attack all the richer ... is that Joel Pollack is married to a black woman, the daughter of a Nelson Mandela appointee from South Africa.

I was curious about what Brietbart had up his sleeve when I saw his CPAC speech, and he talked about how Obama wasn't vetted by the media in 2008 and that he would be this time - and that he had video.   Last night, (editor in chief Joel Pollack) released some video of Obama introducing, then embracing Derrick Bell - who was a developer and proponent of Critical Race Theory.

Watch what Soledad does.   She is immediately condescending and dismissive of the video, and is telling her viewers what to think.  This is just a Harvard law student introducing a prominent Harvard law professor.  Nothing to see here.   Oh, wait, you're going to bring up Critical Race Theory?  Ah, that's nothing and if you say it is you don't know what you're talking about.  No, don't try to convince people that you know anything about it, I have spoken and you are Wrong™!  Oh, wait, you're not going to let it drop?  Where's the bombshell?  Where's the bombshell, 'cause I don't see it.

Joel resisted the temptation to go to the easy joke, "the bombshell is you!"  (hey, well, she kinda is, and that's a compliment, Soledad, and I mean it.) But in truth, that's what the bombshell is - and always was with Breitbart.

Look at the ACORN tapes.   What was in the first one was bad enough, but that was Breitbart's genius.  He wasn't just going for exposing ACORN.  He knew what he'd have to do in order to get it past the media filter.  And in doing so, he went for exposing the media as well.  It was the only way.

He knew the media would circle the wagons and protect ACORN and be dismissive of it, right down to how it was going to be dismissive of it.  It was an isolated incident.  Nothing to see here.  Fire a couple of bad apples if you have to.  Done.

But then he released the tape of it happening at a second office.   Ok, embarrassing, but the media just grabbed a few more fire extinguishers and expanded the damage control narrative to a little wider circle.   Then Breitbart released another, and another.  And it was over.   The media had egg on its face and everyone saw the corrupt culture that was ACORN.

They haven't learned.

Because the bombshell WAS what was happening in that newsroom.   Yes, the video was Barack Obama embracing a radical with a radical theory, and yes, one of his colleagues admitted that they hid that tape during the 2008 campaign.  Which is bad enough.
What makes this so interesting, when you think about it, uh, it's, uh, of course we hid this throughout the 2008 campaign.  I don't care if they find it now ..."  - Deriek Bell's colleague Charles Ogletree commenting on the Obama Bell tape at a lecture at the W.E.B. Dubois Center for African American Studies.
But what the panel doesn't get is that it's just a little piece of the picture, and that their very attempts at damage control are going to come back to bite them.


Joel finally answers her
"The bombshell is happening right here on this program where we've got a story and you're not interested in telling your viewers who Derrick Bell actually is, and you want to come in and obfuscate and tell me that I don't know what Critical Race Theory is, that White Supremacy has nothing to do with it, that Barack Obama was just embracing a guy."
In other words, the bombshell is your reaction to this story.

She tries near the end to get Joel to spill the beans about what else he's got.   Joel's not going to tip his hand. I'm sure they'd love to know so that they can work on preparing a counter attack.  And oh, they want to know.  If they have any memory at all, they are scared of what's coming next and not having a calm, easy, well rehearsed explanation to dismiss it.  But it doesn't look like they do have a memory, because they're stepping right in it when they pull the race card and try to paint him as one of those white Republican guys they try so hard to paint a stereotype of .... he's afraid of black people.

Which, of course, explains why Joel married one.
" ... by the way, the entire audience was white, it looks like from the back of their heads in that video tape, it's being shot, and they laughed "
So it's no big deal.  Which is, of course, why Ogletree said they hid it.
"If it was a bunch of white people that would be the first time an all white audience attended a lecture at the W.E.B. Dubois Center for African American Studies at Harvard University."
Zing!  Keep digging Soledad.  So she sidesteps:
"You know what, somebody was talking in my ear so I didn't hear everything you said."
How convenient.  Much easier for you to dismiss by not acknowledging.  That way you don't have to answer  to it.

Seriously, twice liberal panelists just come out and blatantly say that they are judging Pollack by the color of his skin, and they're cool with that.

If they're smart, they realize what they've just stepped into and they're having meetings about what to do when the next video comes out -- which may very well have Bell expounding on Critical Race Theory, which will likely make Soledad go spatula hunting to dig for her face in all that gooey, dripping egg.

Looks like Pollack knew Breitbart's game plan, and hopefully learned some of his strategy.

Pass the popcorn.  I think this is going to be fun.


Whitehawk said...

I love it! What is being exposed here is the tried and true method the libs have of changing what "normal" is. HINT: Whenever a lib tells you what someone says or thinks without directly quoting them, they are pulling one over on you.

The same strategy worked in rewriting American History about what our Founders believed and the nature of our national founding.

Whitehawk said...

Just FYI this is a link to Breitbart's commentators.

Sorry Philmon, but if Joel has a run in with "natural causes" soon I'm getting my tin foil hat out that you sent me last year.

philmon said...

It hasn't been confiscated?????

DavidD said...

You can see some things see coming a mile off..and still not be able to get out of the way.