Thursday, March 08, 2012

Things I Wish My Side Wouldn't Do

Call people inflammatorily derogatory names in public, for one.  Oh, Rush had a point with the Sandra Fluke thing, and I think Rush does more good than harm.  But he shouldn't have gone there.  For one thing, it makes the rest of our jobs harder defending him and defending our cause.  There's plenty to mine there with "hey, I want the government to take the risk out of my sex life by buying or forcing people to buy my birth control for me".    Just lay it out like it is.  Let people call her what they want to in private conversation.   But doing it this way plays right into the play they designed in their little Alinsky playbook.  Leave the dirty name calling out of it.   Take the moral high ground.

Speaking of the moral high ground, this thing with kids getting in trouble for, and a school apologizing to another school, for chants of "USA!  USA!" after a basketball game -- between two American high schools. I know that certain conservative media figures, like most of their much more numerous liberal counterparts, drag out the "whip up the base" event of the day/week and beat the drum.   There are plenty of legitimate things to gripe about to do this.  I don't have a problem with it.

But I do have a problem with it when it's not legitimate.   And this one, from the evidence presented -- isn't.

I the context it occurred, it makes zero sense --  unless it was provoked by the other side by La Raza chants or something. Was there a big screen TV suddenly after the game, showing the end of the USA/Russia hockey game? Did they just announce the capture or killing of a top Al Queda officer? If so, it wasn't mentioned. I realize the press is famous for leaving out key things, but this was the coach. And it was Texas.  Where PC probably rules less than anywhere else in the country.

Now, see, if they had actually been playing a team from Mexico, a Mexican High School from a town across the border in Coahuila ... then it would have been appropriate.

But it was an American high school beating another American high school. Why The Fritz would you spontaneously break out in "USA!, USA!" unless you were suggesting that the other side wasn't American?

The kids (and I'd be willing to bet that it was a loud minority) that engaged in this were basically telling at least the players on the other team, who were reportedly all Hispanic, "You don't belong here."   That's wrong.   I'm siding with the coach here.  It's inappropriate.  It's bad decorum.  And our teachers should enforce good decorum especially in school and at official school events.

Deal is, it's stories like this where our reactions can make us look bad. I don't know which side (the conservosphere or the liberosphere) has the people who publicize these more questionable stories, but it doesn't matter. I'm not going to dismiss the impression of the coach of a Texas basketball team on this unless I'm presented with some evidence that says he was wrong. He was there, he knows the students, he knows the rivalries ... this just gives us crap to step in that the libs can point at, and it's distracting from real incidents where we definitely have the moral high ground. I understand we're hypersensitized to this kind of thing. But we can't let them get under our skin.


mkfreeberg said...

Call people inflammatorily derogatory names in public, for one...he shouldn't have gone there.

I understand why you and others make this claim, and believe me, I am fully aware of what you're talking about. I see the "moderates" getting all twisted off about this and I recognize there is now an unfinished task here that appears to have not been there before...thus, this has the appearance of field travel in the wrong direction.

There is another front to this battle you're completely ignoring, however. These same moderates...well, the honest ones anyway...are equally turned off by The Left constantly screaming "We're decent and those other guys aren't, we win this round and we don't have to explain ourselves or our ideas, just like always." It's also a huge turn-off when The Left continues to strut and pontificate, as if such slurs cease to exist when met with a mild dose of peevish urban-hipster self-righteousness. Keep in mind this has been in vogue since the 1970's. Fatigue is high.

Illustrating absurdity by being absurd. If it were not effective, The Left wouldn't be spending so much energy trying to muzzle it. You don't think they're trying to remove "slut" from the Rush Limbaugh show, so we can all enjoy a kinder and cleaner Rush Limbaugh show, do you? No, they're trying to be bossy, and it's backfiring.

The sluts.

philmon said...

No, they definitely want to leave the "slut" in the Limbaugh show so that they can use it to discredit the show so nobody will dare listen to it and hear that 1) he isn't the monster they make him out to be, and 2) (more importantly) they won't hear what he ACTUALLY has to say and realize ... they agree with him.

This they can't have.

So the conversation turns to "Fire Rush" and "I Stand By Rush" over the word "slut" rather than actually looking at the argument he was making.

Because when you look at the philosophical argument he was making, to re-coin a phrase...

Rush is right.

mkfreeberg said...

I'm not so sure it was ever possible to win over the folks who can only follow one subject at a time. Aren't they doomed, by definition, to simplify the argument into "Let's see, if I needed birth control, I'd like to not have to pay for it so...that's all there is to consider, right?"

I can't prove it, but I think the moderates who can actually be swayed, have been getting fed up with this for a long time, that The Left is all about decency in the discourse when & only when it provides them a tactical advantage. I think the real mainstreamers can see what's going on here and they can recognize it isn't desirable or pretty.

I say, pound the hell out of this thing. Yeah, Rush is taking it in the shorts, and it's distracting, when the shock value is there...but as the issue drags on more and more, people start to see -- well -- this:

philmon said...

As Billy Joel would say ...

You may be right.