Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Don't Care About Pink Slime

I really don't.

Sounds like a way of reducing waste and killing harmful bacteria in the ground meat supply.

People who are creeped out about it probably think that packages of beef grow on trees and they develop labels as they ripen, along with a rind of plastic and styrofoam.   And if you plant that little diaper underneath it in the ground, it'll grow into a new beef tree or something.

Guess what?  Lots of animals eat the whole body of their prey.   People eat brains and tongues and livers and intestines and stomach linings and kidneys.  Just what is it that you're worried about getting into your hambuger patty?   Raw meat is slimy.  It just is.  It doesn't get produced naturally in the back room of McDonalds right in the paper or cardboard box, complete with pickles and onions.

Freakin' wimps.


tim said...

That was me, tim, forgot to include name.

philmon said...

Uhhhh... what was you?

tim said...

Ah sorry, original comments must’a got lost in cyberspace.

The gist of it was I was surprised you would be in favor of connective tissue and meat scraps not fir to feed dogs and usually tossed out back in the burn pile.

Especially at this time when everything with a calorie count higher than celery is be banned by Michelle Antoinette. And feeding it to school kids to boot.

“People eat brains and tongues and livers and intestines and stomach linings and kidneys.”

Which you know at the time what it is when you are choosing to eat it. Not true with pink slime.

Let me ask this, if you could have a back strap form a freshly killed animal or some “meat” concoction that contains things you have no idea what it is, like pink slime, you would choose?

Next thing you know they’ll be making “meat” from human excrement…oh wait…