Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, I'm sitting through Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love".   Fairly "evangelical" for my taste, but you know, I kinda like that about Glenn.  He's not afraid.  He stands up for what he believes, and projects it outward.  Kind of inspiring, really.

And as I was sitting here listening to him saying, basically, "we're all in this together" and to serve each other and such, which of course sounds an awful lot like what the Elizabeth Warrens and Barack Obama's of the world are saying.

And I know they're using the same language Christians have always used... and that that's no accident.  And then you ask yourself ... what is the difference?


Our founders recognized aloud and repeatedly that our rights came from God.  And why is that important?  It is important because it means that no man, no human or group of humans can give them to us.

As a matter of fact (and this is what our progressive brethren don't get) anything that requires another human being to do something for you against his will is not a right at all.

And yet that does not negate our responsibilities to each other, especially to our families and triple for our children.

But why?  Because the state says so?   Because Uncle Joe says so?  Because you said so?


Put your faith in an external deity, and you've got yourself a standard to live up to.   Put your faith in yourself, and you become a self-serving bastard.   Put your faith in a state, and you become a slave.

So whether you believe God created Man or that Man invented God.... Man needs God.  Very badly.

It is the difference between choosing to serve, and being forced to serve.  Even those who believe God created Man -- at least Christians do ... believe that God wanted us to choose good, and didn't just create robots who did as they were programmed.  As a matter of fact, he wanted us to choose good in spite of our programming.  Free will.  God wanted us to be free.

So yes, we are all in this together.  If each of us choose to be in this together.  And we are in this together with whom we choose to be in this together.

Or we are not free.

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Whitehawk said...

I got a surprising question this week from a friend. He asked me what Bible verse was written on the Liberty Bell. He expected me to know cause it's kinda one of my areas of interest. He was disappointed to learn that I didn't know there was a verse on it.


Lev 25:10 ... proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof...