Friday, July 20, 2012

The "Taxer" Movement

Oh, Romney's tax returns. 

The Obama Administration has already shown us how we should treat tax dodgers, so we know just how much this means to them in the end.   Why won't the Romneys release more information than they already have????

It's a trap ... a battle Romney can't win.  No matter what Romney produces, it will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb for any hint of something that might have been sort of like, if you looked at it under the right light with glasses distorted in a particular way ... like impropriety.  And even if they don't find anything they can make stick by repeating allegations ad nauseum on our 24 hour news channels as the Top Story ... the top story would then be that he lied on his returns and he's hiding something.

Update: Found this excellent
cartoon making the same point.
So I'll tell you what ... as a compromise, have Romney show 5 more years of tax returns than he already has, to match the number Obama released ... and Obama drops the executive privilege grant over Operation Fast and Furious.   Because you know, it's equally important to know if Romney *might* possibly have some of his wealth in offshore bank accounts to shelter it from confiscatory tax policies, say, like when John Kerry docked his yacht in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts to avoid paying taxes on it and was still considered fit to hold the office by Democrats (of course, he hurriedly paid the half million in taxes once the dodge was discovered -- but you an bet Romney would get no such courtesy from the media) ... yes, that's just as important and significant as passing off hundreds and hundreds of untraceable weapons to Mexican drug cartels without the consent or even knowledge of the eventually shocked and outraged Mexican government ... which ended up killing 300 Mexicans and at least one US border agent ...

But no ... let's see if we can goad the Romneys into coughing up fodder for the Democrats' surrogates in the news media to comb through by spending the next 109 days talking about anything ... anything ... but this administration's OWN record.

Because THAT .... is a losing proposition.  And they know it.

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