Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apology Tour "Lie" Comes Full Circle

Because Obama didn't utter the word "sorry" or "apologize", they think they have their "gotcha" here. The headline has the scare quotes in the wrong place. It should be,

Apology Tour "Lie" Comes Full Circle

Romney didn't say that Obama never visited Israel. Pointing out that he has visited Israel ... as a candidate ... is a strawman argument. Romney pointed out that Obama went on a Middle East Tour, skipped Israel, and gave mea culpa's (Romney even pointed out the wording) to countries in the Middle East. It really showcased Obama's anti-colonial worldview.

The hair splitting that must be done to call this a "lie" is on the order of arguing over what the meaning of the word "is" is to wiggle out of a charge on a linguistic technicality. But this is how the Left truly thinks, and they're actually proud of it.

What this really does is expose the kind of linguistic gymnastics Obama employs when he says something is or isn't true. And the next time he makes a claim or interrupts someone in a debate saying "that's not true" ... people will have this asterisk in the backs of their minds.

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