Monday, October 22, 2012

Rounding Errors?

I had someone on the other side of the political fence the other day state that the Obama additions to the deficit were "rounding errors" compared to the additions made under Bush.

Really? Not even if you round to the nearest half-trillion. I therefore submit this chart to disabuse anyone of that notion.

Most of the people on my side of the fence were not happy with the Bush bailout. But Obama can't sidestep those, either, since he voted for it. After he took office, more bailouts, more stimulus. He and the Democrats own it.


nightfly said...

I should put this on a bunch of t-shirts and distribute to everyone at the rink. I can color-coordinate so that each team has matching Fiscal Fail uniforms.

philmon said...

One of the better captions I've seen lately was "Sure, Obama inherited a mess. Firemen inherit messes, too. Ever seen one pour gasoline on it?"