Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Liberty, Bilderberg, Ron Paul

Tom Woods, a brilliant man for whom I have much respect, posted this cartoon on Facebook, fully conceeding that some people wouldn't like it.

Yeah, I do like it.  I understand it.
But the Ron Paulers started coming out of the woodwork in the comments, saying such things as:
Only a POLITICAL MORON would vote for EITHER Obama OR Romney! STUPID is as SHEOPLE vote! BUSHBAMA! OBAMITT! Welcome to the USSA! The United States of Terrorism!

I think more likely conservatives aren't trying to kick a field goal with Romney holding, it's more like a vote for him is a punt.

The object of a punt is ... while you won't have the ball, you have a good chance to move it far away from the goal you're defending and then you defend -- and hopefully when you get the ball back you're in a better postition to score.

We won't change the candidates we get until we change the minds of the electorate. The culture, if you will.

And that's gonna take time. Time we don't have right now, with literal Marxists on our one yard line, looking for four more downs to score.

Too many votes for Paul will be intercepted by the Marxists, and they'll get their 4 downs to try to score and they'll be in a very good position to do it.

Paul had a chance to make his case. It's not that he's wrong, it's that not enough people are convinced that he's right. Paul's not going to win, no matter how many of his supporters vote for him, because HE DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH SUPPORTERS -- even when you count sympathizers such as myself.

Like it or not, it's a coalition game. You can vote "correctly" to your grave, or vote strategically and live another day to convince more people what's right.

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