Monday, June 28, 2004

Short snap

The early "official" handover of power in Iraq today qualifies as a slick move. My Iraqi friend is all smiles. As I mentioned before, actual Iraqis are much more hopeful and positive about their country's future than the press would have you believe -- mostly because the press doesn't believe it. God forbid they put a positive spin on a story. It might be mistaken for a pro-American stance, which of course must be avoided at all costs because THAT would be BIASED.

It was outrageous to read comments from people who are struggling desparately to spin whatever negativity they can out of it. "Oh, it's too soon. You're just leaving the Iraqis with the big mess you've caused." Of course, these are some of the same people who for the past several week were criticizing the US for NOT turning over power and letting Iraqis rule Iraq. "It means nothing." I'm curious... what action WOULD mean something (positive) to these people? Probably only GWB's physical demise, I imagine.

I truly hope that Iraqis step up to the task of subduing the bullying murderers that have slipped into their country during the war. The only way to rid the world of these people is for NOBODY to tolerate them.

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