Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Big Bad Bush - Elections & Saddam

Well, Iraqis voted on a new constitution last weekend. Saddam Hussein went on trial for his first Crime Against Humanity trial this morning. Al Queda fears democracy in Iraq. They're financially broken, and their leadership is pinned down and afraid the Pakistanis are getting a little too close.

Amazing how quiet the press was about the election. The coverage was pretty subdued compared to Katrina or Abu Graib or the alleged Koran flushing.

Saddam Hussein is on trial. They're showing quite a bit more interest in that -- although I imagine they'll go out of their way to avoid giving any credit to Bush.

Because Bush is a big, bad world terrorist who took us to an illegal, imoral war, humiliating and torturing Iraqis with a cold, evil heart. Anybody who buys the moral equivalency argument is delusional.

Stack of naked criminals in a prison. Live, innocent human beings put into chippers.

You make the call.

The Left is already howling that Saddam won't get a fair trial. And in the end, they will say he didn't as long as he is convicted. The only evidence they will accept that he got a fair trial would be his acquittal -- and somehow they would manage to find a way to blame Bush for that as well. Which just goes to show that their agenda has nothing to do with right and wrong, it has to do with blindly partisan politics.

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