Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Turnabout's fair play. One of the worst ephitaphs that can be bestowed upon you these days is to be an "Islamophobe".

I wonder what reaction you'd elicit if you started bandying "Christophobe" around.

Great article in the okipunk blog on it. Here's a quote from it. Go read it. It raises some very good points.
"There is a vast gulf of difference between showing our heritage as a Christian nation and demanding that everyone participate in a theoretical 'Church of the Americas'. "

I've been on that kick for a while now. This country was founded by Christians on Christian values. We go out of our way to be inclusive (because of those values), but that doesn't mean we should deny this country's heritage.

As I've said before. The logical end of the kind of multiculturalism being pushed by these groups is "no culturalism" -- that is, nothing cohesive to tie us together. Divided we fall. Think about it.

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