Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bigfoot Spotted

Via House of Eratosthenes

So, Al Gore's carbon footprint comes to light. Well, not his total carbon footprint, but at least that of his mansion in Nashville.

And it's big. It's 221,000 kWh -- (that's according to his electric bill. None of this is apparently supplied by his touted solar panels - so none of that would be offset by them.) 20 times the national average household. And his mansion's Nashville Electric consumption went up by 2,200kWh per month from 2005-2006 according to Nashville Electric Service records.

But it's all ok, because he drives a hybrid and buys "carbon credits".

So let me get this straight. We're all dooming the planet by emitting Carbon Dioxide, and we really need to cut back on this stuff as much as we can, because the more we add, the worse the coastal flooding, gigantic hurricanes, severe drought, severe floods, extinctions -- all of the terrible stuff that'll come about due to our extravagance -- will be.

It's an emergency. We must stop this madness now. Or else ... !!!!! We're not messing around! This is real! Be very, very afraid!!!!

It's the CO2, right? The more CO2, the worse it will be. That's the bottom line.


CO2 is CO2, no matter where it comes from or what else you paid for on top of it. It goes into the same atmosphere, and would have the same impact that any CO2 released into the atmosphere might presumably have. Not only does the mansion use more than 20 times the average household, but its using 13% MORE than it did the year before -- while he jets all over the world telling everyone else they need to cut BACK Back back back or we're all DOOOMED Doomed doomed doomed!!!

It smacks of the kind of hypocrisy we saw in the Eiffel Tower Stunt.

If you really believed that you were destroying the planet and you had a conscience ... would ANY of this make sense at all?

Plus, according to this -- if you're rich, you can have as big a carbon footprint as you can "afford" and be blame-free. (Doesn't sound very "progressive" to me!) If you're not, well turn your thermostat down to 60 and buy a hybrid. Sure. You can afford one of those.

Incidentally, not that anyone'll listen, but the answer to our energy problems is probably... nuclear. But that's not something a leftie wants to hear, either.

Update: I call him Al "Bigfoot" Gore. via Michelle, Tigerhawk calls him a "Chickengreen"! Not bad, either.

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