Friday, October 26, 2007

Bill Whittle Essay Index

NOTE (08/10/2009) Since Bill hasn't had time to catalog, I took the time to go find them. The only one I haven't found yet is "History". I have linked them all to their new locations at PajamasMedia. Since I get consistent hits on this blog looking for just such an index, I thought I'd do the deed. These are important essays for our time.

NOTE (5/19/2009) .... Bill says he will re-catalog these. He moved his blog to PajamasMedia, and the cataloging is lost. The essays are out there, but you have to know which archive to look in to find any particular one.

Here they are, the essays from Silent America - essays from a democracy at war (explanation below) - (Bill Whittle's main site is here)

FREEDOM I have the full version archived here.

TRINITY (part 1)
TRINITY (part 2)
STRENGTH (part 1)
STRENGTH (part 2)
SANCTUARY (part 1)
SANCTUARY (part 2)
TRIBES (I just found a copy of the whole thing over here.)


I've been meaning to do this for a couple of months. Bill Whittle has a special talent for doing what most of the conservative movement -- politicians and regular folks alike, are unable to do, and that is to lay out eloquently yet in plain language what is good about America, and about what the idea of America even is. He ought to be someone's speech writer.

His site, -- is taking a bit of a change in direction (which is all well and good), and the important works linked here have become sidebared and are a little lost on his site. I like to refer people to his work, and I don't want them to get distracted right off the bat and miss them. I believe they are indexed here in the order he wrote them. I reccomend reading them in order for a couple of reasons, but each of them stands out on its own as well so if one looks particularly interesting to you there's nothing wrong with starting there.

These are also in his book "Silent America" which is a nice thing to have on your coffee table or next to your favorite reading chair. I've bought a couple in paperback for friends & family, and now have a hardback for myself. That's how moving, how important I think what he has to say... is. Lots of people are saying it. He just says it better than most.

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