Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wow, this is intense smearage

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

Read in the comments over on a Newsweek article that Palin's a terrible mom, terrible hypocrite, because she cut the budget for special education in Alaska and she has a special needs child.

While it is apparently true that the outgoing administration that she defeated had a 62% budget cut on the books ... Palin ... increased that budget by 175%.

But, it's apparently one of the new set of talking points the activist trolls have taken and run with today.

One hopes that the self-satisfying act of being an "activist" means that, come Nov 4, these folks won't actually feel the need to vote because they've "already done their part" on the innerwebtubes. It seems to have worked that way in the past.

That list seems to consist of, but is not limited to

1) she's a traitor, a successionist because, as governor, she addressed the Alaskan Independence party. Really. She did. There's a video. I watched it. It was pretty good. . Talking about common ground but never agreeing on succession. Aren't we supposed to "reach out"?
2) She justifies the Iraq war as the will of God. Because there's a video of her saying she prays that we're doing the right thing? Not the same thing. But any talk of God makes some people uncomfortable.
3) She had to hire a city manager for Wasilla and she's for limited government. Obviously contradictory. Oh. My. God. 'Course, they're good with it if Obama does it on a much bigger scale.
4) She "hired Jack Abramoff's firm to lobby for the city". Tell me, was that before or after he was endicted? (hint: her last mayoral term ended in 2002.) And, everything else about her says to me she's for limited government. Maybe she got disgusted with the whole lobbyist thing.
5. She said she will cut cost, well she ran her city to debt when she left. [sic] What were the circumstances? (update: it was largely due to the building of a $20 million sports center -- voted on by the city, and it will be paid off early.) Do you have a mortgage? A car loan? Why? And in her current job, you know ('cause Barack is in denial over this), GOVERNOR of Alaska, she started with a deficit and now has a surplus.
6. She has a pregnant 17 y/o daughter - Which immediately disqualifies anybody from running for office, I suppose? Did she get her daughter pregnant? I mean, I know she's tough and all, but I'm pretty sure that's biologically impossible without cloning.
7. She has a baby with down syndrome, BUT SHE CUT THE SPECIAL EDUCATION BUDGET for Alaska. No, she didn't. Her predecessor, whom she defeated, was going to cut it by 62%. She increased it by 175%.

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