Monday, November 17, 2008

Hope Won

Gack. I was driving out of my neighborhood the other morning and on the bumper of a car I was used to seeing an Obama sticker on ... was another bumpersticker that said :
Hope Won! Double gack! Like they were "Believing" Tinkerbell back to life or something. And now Tinkerbell is alive, and they feel all warm and fuzzy about it. Apparently it's some Oprah thing.

Great. S0 they really were just voting for "Hope™". Wing and a prayer? Hope that works out. So what do they get, Bob?

Dinner plates full of Hope™. Paychecks made to the order of Hope™. We can now Hope™ our enemies away. When we are confronted with bad guys, we can Hope™ their illegal guns aren't loaded instead of deterring them with our legal ones. Or we can Hope™ the police show up and stop the crime before we lose life or limb. Yup, another piece of "flair" to add to their bumper billboards. They can now say "isn't it wonderful" at parties and get nods of approval.

All is now light and hope, as The Lightworker™ Changes America into the Land of the Free Hope™.

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