Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What Do You Expect?

Would you expect that posting a sign like this in your buisness's window or door would make it less likely that you'd be robbed?

Probably not. So why do people think that the sign below and to the right here would keep bad guys from bringing firearms into their stores? I mean... Robbery is already against the law, I'm pretty sure. Can you imagine a guy planning out his robbery to pay off his dealer or bookie or whatever getting everything ready, going up to the business establishment he intends to rob, and then stopping at the door when he sees the "no firearms inside" sign and saying, "Aw, man??!!!" and walking away?

No, the only thing it does is keep people like me from bringing my firearm inside and potentially saving your life, or the life of one of your employees should things go terribly wrong.

I went into a gas station in rural Missouri last saturday ... well, I was going to ... to buy a few convenience items after gassing up. But you know, having to turn around go put the gun back in the car takes the "convenience" out of it. So no sale there.

The station has nothing to fear from people like me. The people they do have to fear will pay no attention to the sign.




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