Thursday, August 19, 2010


Just read about the Dr. Laura Schlessenger flap on Morgan's blog yesterday.   I had this to say about it:
You know what? I think I will defend her on these grounds. If you can’t even quote what it is you’re talking about, it gets very difficult to discuss. This wasn’t her using the word to call someone else by that name. She was telling the lady what she hears from black comics and rappers all the time.

This has gotten absolutely ridiculous. When you can’t even utter a particular word quoting someone else based soley on your skin color, things have gotten out of hand.

But she’s white and conservative (same rules don’t necessarily apply if you’re a progressive liberal) — so she will be crucified.

I have another question. How do the people who want to see Dr. Schlessenger’s career end feel about the Ground Zero Mosque debate? I mean, to quote America’s favorite pretentious ground squirrel — “This is America, Dammit!”

Does ANYBODY see the double standard?

It’s a situation that mocks itself!
Dennis Miller was talking the other day about the subtitle of Michelle Malkin's book "Culture of Corruption: Obama's Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies"  ... he said "and then people say 'oh, that's such an incindiary title ...'  ... Geithner didn't pay taxes!  We live in a time when you can point out an accuracy and be deemed to be incindiary ... he didn't pay his taxes!"

He also said  "unfortunately for America, justice is now in the eye of Eric Holder". -- which is a beautiful gem.  :-)

Bu seriously.  Laura was making a point, repeating what she heard to make that point.  It is an accuracy.  She, in context, repeated what she hears from black comics and rappers daily.  She didn't lie.  She wasn't calling anybody anything.  She just pointed out a fact to support an argument she was making in our supposedly post-racial society.  She's white, so she's out.  It's become a method for the Left to bully people whose opinions they don't like.  And they don't apply their "laws" equally to all.

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