Friday, October 08, 2010

MSNBC's "Lean Forward"

"Declaration of Forward"

Is this a Declaration for a new country or something? Was ours not good enough? Kinda sounds like it.

Our differences ... are what unite us. (?????!!!!!!!!)

Got it.

Up is Down.  Left is Right.  Freedom is Slavery.  Slavery is Freedom.....

We are the "United States of 'Come As You Are'????"   And of course we'll leave out the whole "are created equal" part, because we wouldn't want to beg the question that they were created and bow to those theocrats, you know.  Endowed by their Creator.  Scary, scary words, to the Left.  Why all the fear? ;-)


Whitehawk said...

I heard the subliminal message. "It is futile to resist. You will be assimilated." The statement that our differences are what unite us was frightening. It was a complete washing away of individuality. Doesn't matter what individuals think they will all be a part of the "hive".

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

Cylar said...

Just once I'd like the Left to celebrate what we have in common, rather than trying to celebrate "diversity and differences." Maybe focus on the fact that we're all human, and that self-determination is the desire of every human being...something like that?