Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Wow, did I just hear John Edwards call Bush a racist?

I've been listening to a lot of NPR blather on "what went wrong" for the Democrats. Surely, one the biggest issues (and it kind of surprised me) that got people out to vote for Bush was the morality question of abortion and the gay marriage issue. A lot of Christians got out to vote. A lot of poor Christians. A lot of Black and Hispanic Christians.

The concession speech started out talking about how his constituents stood in line in the rain for hours and hours (as if people who voted for Bush waited in warm, dry parlors on velvet chairs with hot chocolate) and how he would keep fighting for people who were jobless or needed healthcare or had a relative die in Iraq (as if none of those people voted for Bush).

Now as a guy who understands the Church and State thing and as someone who would approve of legal same-sex unions (while I woudln't want to be forced to call it by the same name I call the one I have with my wife) -- I can say I got a lot of help from people I don't agree with 100%. But I do agree with them on a lot of issues.

What Liberals are missing is that they are convinced that they are right. You can't tell them they are wrong. Ironic, because that's what they themselves say about Bush and Christians. If they say that abortion is an unrestricted right, they're right and there's no room for compromise. But it's not what most Americans think. However, they think it's what Americans SHOULD think, and if they don't it must because some vast Illuminati-Freemason-Rockerfeller conspiracy is somehow controlling them and making them think "wrong".

They forget that this country was founded largely by Christians and the culture is still basically a Christian-derived one. They screech when anyone suggests anybody's morals and traditions be questioned -- unless it's Christian morals and traditions... then it's fine.

Government should make no law supporting or hindering religion. But religious values are the values of real live people, and ignoring those values is to ignore ourselves.

Want a big reason for why the country is so divided? Try the fact that in an effort to produce a multi-cultural culture, they've basically created a culture of no culture and pitted it against a largely Judeo-Christian one, and villified that culture as the enemy.

It's time this country got involved in a serious discussion about what the role of government should be, what our forefathers thought when they wrote the Constitution, and stop trying to dole out "rights" that we just don't have -- like the right not to be offended and the right to free health care and the like.

Ok, that's enough blowing off the top of my head.

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