Monday, November 08, 2004

Rummy's Back!

A gut-check tells me this man has got to be one of the most sensible men in government in a long time. The press hates uncertainty, and Rumsfeld deals with it every day. He is very good at reminding them of how silly some of their questions are.

At the end of the press converence this afternoon, someone pressed him to "come down" and see them more often, and Donald gave his explanation as to what was going on. He said he loved coming down, but after the handover of soveriegnty to the inerim Iraqi government the administration thought it was important that the Iraqi government do most of the speaking concerning Iraqi affairs. Makes sense to me, as most of what Rumsfeld says typically does.

On top of that, apparently, the President asked Don Rumsfeld and Colin Powell not to get involved in the campaign. Rumsfeld correctly pointed out that every question in any press conference involving him during the campaign would have been in effect a campaign question.

He said he'd've loved to come down and talk to them. He had a few things he'd've liked to say.

I think we'll be seeing more of Rummy now that the election's over.

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