Thursday, November 18, 2004

An Outrage Against Islam

An American soldier shoots a wounded terrorist, and it's caught on film. It's against the Geneva Convention.

Of course, so is boobie-trapping bodies. Or pretending to be wounded and unarmed and then opening fire on us. But that's the problem... terrorists best advantage is they use our rules against us, and then scream bloody murder if we don't hold to them.

Tell me this.... is kidnapping non-combatants, torturing, and killing them permitted by the Geneva Convention?

How about if they kidnap and kill the head of the local chapter of a global aid organization, say, like CARE international?

Where is the Islamic Outrage over this? You know why Al-Jazeera didn't show it? Yup. To minimize any negative PR impact this might have on the terrorists (oops I mean insurgents).

That murder does illustrate one thing very clearly... the terrorists aren't terribly concerned about their own PR in the short run. They want the state to fail, for the U.S. to pull out, and for them to take over and create another Afghanistan, only with a lot more oil. They killed her to discourage aid organizations from coming to help, and to encourage the few still left to leave.

People of Iraq, you can not allow the terrorists to succeed.

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