Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well, it looks good.

I would love to see the Democrats who ranted for four years about George Bush's "illigitimate" presidency because he won the electoral vote but lost the national popular vote (by what, about 1,000,000? -- at best 1% -- and probably less than that)

This time, in order for Democrats to claim Victory, they'd have to win Ohio, pretty much -- which seems unlikely unless every single provisional ballot in Ohio was cast for Kerry -- and even then they will have lost the national popular vote by around 3,500,0000.

This would put them in an odd spot indeed, but then again liberals are the kings and queens of rationalization and will somehow find a way to argue that the victory is legitimate when their guy wins the electoral college but loses the national popular vote, but not when that's the position they're in.

But that probably won't happen. Between that and the fact that more than half the voters in the country voted for Bush this time -- Kerry's in a tough spot.

I can wait for him to concede. Because -- he's gonna have to sooner or later.

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