Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Democratic Rule - Gimme Your Stuff

"I vote you gimme the hard-won fruits of your labor and freedom."

China, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Switzerland, and Russia would like to see the United States relinquish its historic control of the Internet.

Yes, and there's a house out in the country I'd like to live in. I wish the owners would relinquish control of it.

Freedom, free-enterprise, and a lot of American tax dollars developed the infrastructure behind what we now know as the Internet. We allow, maybe even sell the services we developed to the rest of the world. But they want to tell us how to use our resource. You know, we could have just said "sorry, Americans only". But we didn't.

You want something that you control? Develop it yourself!

"M-om, Johnny down the street lets me ride his bike, but he won't let me tell him what he can do with it."

"This situation is very undemocratic, unfair and unreasonable," said Sha Zukang,
the ambassador from China, which this week imposed new rules that allow only
"healthy and civilized" news to be read by the mainland's 100 million Web users.

It's always fun to be lectured on democracy by a totalitarian regime.

"We want your stuff. I vote we take it."

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