Thursday, October 20, 2005

A little more about war

So let me get this straight.

We're fighting a war against people whose religion alleges that we are unclean, worse than dogs, our women can be raped at will, and they feel free to blow us up eating dinner at a restaurant. Their religion is what drove them to war with us. It is a religious war, and they started it.

Now there wouldn't be this flap if we just shot them on the battlefield. So it's apparently ok to shoot them.

But insult them? Burn their bodies? (remember, they'd strap napalm to themselves if they could and blow up a movie theater, THAT'S OK.) They don't think twice about burning our bodies and hanging them from utility poles.

Now lest you think I'm talking about all of Islam, I'm not -- though I do have some serious questions about the Quran. Even more serious are my questions about the lack of vehement condemnation of acts committed in the name of "Allah most merciful."

No, I'm talking about the beliefs and actions of the people we are fighting. Frankly, f*ck them! I don't give a damn about insulting someone who would just as quickly burn my family and rape my daughters before killing them.

If the U.S. actually felt this way about all Muslims or Islam, we wouldn't be working so hard all over the world to help Muslims out.

If I can insult a low life that wants a society that holds public executions and amputations in football stadiums and get him to come out to where I can get a good bead on him, let me do it. I don't care what your religion -- or mine -- is.

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