Friday, October 07, 2005

Nice Speech, Mr. President

Very well put.

It's very telling that today, the day after the speech, one is very hard pressed to find anything about it on CNN's website. What's up with that? I found the audio on the BBC site. I eventually found it on CNN under a heading of "10 Foiled Plots". I noted the name of the video clip is "BushCutLosses" -- WTF?

I read a couple of bloviations by Kennedy and Kerry I'll respond to:

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts said it was "foolish for the president to brag openly about disrupting al Qaeda plots to attack us. His 'bring it on' attitude hasn't worked, and such statements can only goad al Qaeda into trying harder."

Um, I think we know the president well enough to know he wasn't bragging. This man is not a braggart. Could it be, perhaps, that he was responding to the daily denunciation of his performance by trying to tell the American People that dispite what they hear daily from the leftists -- "hey, look, we are doing something"? Is responding to the constant barage of criticism bragging? Or is that a clever transparent way of continuing the barage, by spinning his rebuttal into something negative in and of itself, so we can dismiss it?

And our dear almost-but-not-quite president Kerry (thank God) put up this strawman:

"There's nothing pessimistic about demanding that our government do better by our troops," Mr. Kerry said. "And there's nothing more pessimistic than an administration refusing to provide candor and leadership equal to our troops' sacrifice."

I think the president would agree. However, he was probably talking about all of the "pull out now", "illegal immoral", "Bush=Hitler", "Imperialism" crap, and you know it. The pessimism is embedded in your unwillingness to address those issues because they suit your political purposes, Mr.'s Kerry & Kennedy.

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