Thursday, October 20, 2005

Somethin's Burnin'

A deeper dig into the "Burning Taliban Bodies" story reveals that they were burned for sanitary reasons. They were starting to decay, they were near our soldiers position. The Taliban wasn't about to come and get them, and we weren't about to stand out in the open and bury them.

PsyOps came by and decided to use the burning as a tool to rile up other hiding Taliban -- you remember, the ENEMY, the ones who harbored Osama Bin Laden and the Al Queda Leadership as they planned and carried out 9/11 ... the ones who kill civllians because the Koran tells them it's all good in the eyes of Allah? (Unless they were devout Muslims, but even then it's still ok if it furthers the cause.)

Them. Yeah. We WANT to offend them. We want to piss them off so they'll make mistakes. That's what PsyOps DOES!

Those who want us to treat people who are out there with guns trying to re-establish a brutal totalitarian regime that harbors mass murderers of non-Muslims and not-good-enough-Muslims like they were Joe in the next cube in their Chicago Office building have a gigantic reality-disconnect.

I've noticed a definite pattern here. Take ANYTHING the United States does and twist it to come up with the WORST POSSIBLE CONCLUSION, while treating anything the enemy does with compassion, sympathy, and understanding.

That is not how to win a war. And make no mistake about it, the people doing it want us to LOSE.

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