Tuesday, November 15, 2005


From the Washington Times

Liberals said yesterday that Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.'s 1985 claim that "the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion" proves that he would try to outlaw the practice"
Really... to me it just shows that 1) Alito has actually read the Constitution, and 2) Liberals have no idea what "proof" means.

I already knew 2) and I find 1) a re-assuring quality in a Supreme Court Justice.

The Constitution talks about Liberty and Freedom, but it also talks about Life and the Persuit of Happiness. I'm pretty darned sure it doesn't mention "reproduction" anywhere in there. But Liberals quake in their boots at the thought of an open, rational discussion that includes the idea that perhaps someone's rights are being violated at some point with on-demand abortion throughout 9 months of pregnancy. In their marketplace of ideas, some are not even welcomed.

In Alito's "troubling" memo, the "troubling" part apparently says this:

"I personally believe very strongly" that no right to an abortion can be found in the Constitution."

Ed "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy, no stranger to deaths of convenience, says that this statement is extreme.

[the] "extreme statements ... are deeply troubling."
Open intellectual discourse cannot take place when stating a simple fact is dismissed as "extreme" because one happens to wish to ignore it. I challenge anyone to show me anything in the constitution that mentions reproduction. Can't find anything? Then tell me why the statement is extreme.

On top of that, the party of nuance takes no note of the fact that the statement starts out "I personally believe...", and I doubt that he ever said that all abortions, everywhere, any time, are unconstitutional and should be illegal. Which is pretty much what the Left wants you to believe about him.

This is because even if abortion laws were changed to say that only abortions threatening the life of the mother can occur after the 37th week, it would be considered heresy to the religion of the Left.

Nope, don't club a baby seal or transport chickens in little cages on a truck, but it's perfectly ok to pull a fully formed baby's head out of the womb and stick a needle in it and suck it's brains out. Don't you dare question that. Blaspheme! Blaspheme!

I want a judge who knows, understands, and reveres the Constitution. That is the job of the Supreme Court. Alito seems to be that kind of judge. Personally, I believe even if Roe-Wade were overturned, what replaced it would be something a very long way from outlawing abortions. Ain't gonna happen.

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