Friday, November 18, 2005

Zarqawi: "But we didn't MEAN to"

A recording supposedly from Zarqawi on a jihad website says:

[they] meant to target a meeting of US and Israeli intelligence officials.

He said the deaths of wedding party guests in one of the hotels was due to a roof collapsing.

"We ask God to have mercy on the Muslims, who we did not intend to target, even if they were in hotels which are centres of immorality"

Saijida al-Rishawi, the would-be bomber who couldn't get her bomb to go off, and wife of another one of the bombers says:

"We took a car, and we went on November 9 to a hotel. There was a wedding ceremony in the hotel. There were women, men and children. My husband took a corner and I took another one. My husband detonated his bomb, and I tried to detonate mine but failed."

Hmmmm... well, I can see if you walk into a hotel and note a wedding ceremony with men, women, and children, and walk to a corner and detonate your ball-bearing-laden suicide bomb, you might not expect to call those people "targets". After all, you didn't actaully aim specifically at any of them. Well, I suppose that's understandable then.

It appears that he is also saying that even though he is sorry about the mistake and he hopes that Allah will have mercy on them, it served them right for holding their wedding at a center of immorality.

"Sorry we killed you. We didn't mean to. But you deserved it anyway."

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