Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The lies that led us to War, or the lies that led us to Anti-War?

Very, very interesting stuff in the L.A. Times.....

Remember how CIA covert agent domestic employee Valerie Plame's husband Joe Wilson's trip to Niger "proved" that Saddam Hussein was not trying to buy uranium?

Well, it turns out that our little left-wing investigator twisted his own findings when he wrote that op ed piece in the famously left-wing New York Times. According tothe Senate Intelligence comittee, far from discrediting the Iraq-Niger uranium link, Wilson actually provided fresh details about a 1999 meeting between Niger's prime minister and an Iraqi delegation.

Ok, then, he didn't show a smoking gun, but nothing he found disproved the intelligence that said Saddam was trying to buy uranium in Niger, as Wilson basically claimed it did. It even found some supporting evidence for the uranium claim.

Bush lied? I think perhaps it was Mr. Wilson that was stretching the truth in order to further his anti-war agenda.

Go read the whole thing. It's pretty interesting. And there are several other interesting details I left out.

The left is reaching, more and more. Hopefully it really is imploding.

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