Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good article on the Alito hearings so far

Dems Fumble, Alito Scores

Calmly, concisely and in a rumpled, everyman manner, Alito tackled the Democrats' most hostile questions. He had help from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who took turns praising him and feeding him leading questions so he could put his actions in a favorable light. But it was his responses to hostile charges by Dems where we glimpsed his conservative and fair legal mind and a measure of humility so lacking in his interrogators.

There is a lot of talk about the religious right -- here we have an example of how the religious left works. They are so convinced that Progressivism is The Way they act just like their religious right counterparts. God is on their side. They are blind to all else.

Then there's this wonderfully summed up tidbit:

While Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) tried to portray his rulings as evidence of a sweeping anti-liberty philosophy, Alito kept coming back to the facts of each case. If nothing else, the hearing illustrated how political ideologues differ from good judges. The former start with the result they want and ignore the facts, while judges like Alito apply the law to facts to reach a just conclusion.

And this near the end is almost embarrassingly easy slam:

You know Dems are in trouble when Kennedy takes the lead on ethics issues.

Go read the whole thing. There's more, and it's well reasoned and well written.

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